Our Grant-Supported Research & Development

Our goal is to bring transformative innovations to life. But as the development and commercialization partner, we’re just one piece of this equation. Each year, NGOs, government organizations, and private foundations provide grants to advance our exploration of technologies that can improve the lives of the people these partners support. At any given time, our R&D team is working on half a dozen of these grant-funded projects.

Examples of these efforts:

SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker:


Transforming community water treatment in the developing world
Chlorine has long been used to treat drinking water, but in the developing world, it’s hard, and at times impossible to come by. To address this, MSR, in partnership with PATH, created the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker. The small device generates chlorine using just water, salt and electricity from a car battery. One device can support the safe-water needs of 200 people. Now proven in over 20 countries worldwide, the chlorine maker empowers communities to create their own supplies of safe drinking water.

DayOne Response™ Waterbag & Filter:


All-in-one water collection, transport and treatment for disaster relief
The DayOne Response Waterbag has brought safe drinking water to thousands of victims of natural disasters. Utilizing P&GTM Purifier of Water packets and a turbidity filter, the simple treatment bag enables users to purify very dirty drinking water using this single vessel. Supported by a grant from the Office of Naval Research, MSR worked with DayOne Response to improve the durability, usability and manufacturability of the bag. In addition, we engineered a refined turbidity filter, which we continue to manufacture and co-brand as an OEM partner.

The Guardian™ Purifier:


Built for the military. Adapted for everyone.
The Guardian purifier was developed for the U.S. military to allow service members to safely drink from contaminated sources while on the move. After six years of extensive R&D, which included the design of a revolutionary hollow fiber membrane, the result became this rugged pump that quickly transforms even the most challenging backcountry sources into safe drinking water. Today the Guardian purifier is sold in the global outdoor market, where it’s received over a dozen innovation awards.

DayOne Response™ is a trademark of DayOne Response Inc.
P&GTM is a trademark of Proctor & Gamble.