How We’re Creating Lasting Change

By providing the tools that empower people to create safe water and environments, we can ensure healthier futures.


It takes more than smart technologies to affect change. That’s why we partner with local organizations on the ground who are experts in building the best water programs for their communities.

Working directly with community members, our teams provide the technologies as well as the education and follow-up visits necessary for sustainable change. This comprehensive approach provides communities the independence they need to control their futures.

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Safe drinking water is life’s most vital need and critical to preventing waterborne diseases. Our partners work with community leaders, water committees, teachers and local governments to provide, and train in the use of, low-cost treatment devices. Trainees then teach others, in a cascading model.



Poor hygiene and contaminated facilities also spread diseases. That’s why MSR has developed low-resource hand-washing stations and larger-scale disinfection devices. Our partners work with families and health centers to encourage behavioral change toward using such resources.



MSR and our partners have reached over half a million people with long-term water and hygiene solutions. This is a testament to the trust in our technologies and the partners with whom we work. Since 2015, we’ve increased access to these basic human needs in over 30 countries worldwide.