MSR Global Health will attend the 2017 UNC Water and Health Conference, where it will showcase MSR’s SE200 Community Chlorine Maker and a new purifier designed for disaster relief. MSR Global Health will also host an invitation-only design review for a new larger-scale smart chlorine generator.

Organized by The Water Institute at The University of North Carolina, the annual Water and Health Conference gathers global leaders to discuss the most critical issues in water, health, and development, using science to inform practices and appropriate policy.

Photo: Tom Fuldner

“We’re excited to attend and learn from the global health community’s leading experts on water, sanitation and hygiene,” says Patrick Diller, business development manager at MSR Global Health. “We hope to gain valuable insight into how MSR Global Health’s current products and technologies might offer solutions to existing and future problems.”

MSR Global Health’s new Modus purifier, to be previewed at this conference, will benefit from feedback contributed by leaders in water, sanitation and hygiene. “The conference provides MSR with a fantastic opportunity to obtain feedback on our new products,” Diller says. “We’re looking forward to sharing the Modus purifier, and the solutions it provides, with new and existing partners at this conference.”

Topics to be discussed at the 2017 conference include drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water sources in both the developing and developed world.

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