In 2015, World Vision and MSR Global Health implemented the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker pilot project in Kenya and Mali. Developed by MSR in partnership with PATH, the Community Chlorine Maker provides a low-cost, portable, and easy-to-use solution for creating chlorine on the spot to treat contaminated water sources. As shared in our impact report, 110 of the devices were deployed to community water stations, schools, and health care centers.

World Vision recently revisited Mali to check in on the Toribougou village, where six months earlier the village’s municipal water system broke down and disrupted the community’s access to safe water. Using the previously deployed Community Chlorine Makers, residents of Toribougou had the power to create their own, safe water supply when the municipal system failed.

The photos below, provided by World Vision, show Mariam Traore using the chlorine maker to produce chlorine at the Toribougou Health Care Center. Traore, an assistant midwife and clinic manager at the health care center, says “We disinfect our water for ourselves and for the patients who come here.” In addition to using chlorine to treat drinking water for patients, Traore adds “after a birth, we use the chlorinated water to clean the table, the room, and the instruments.”

World Vision is a humanitarian organization that tackles the causes of poverty and injustice by working with children and families worldwide to reach their full potential. An important mentor to MSR Global Health, World Vision helps our team facilitate in-country field trials and pilot programs through WASH initiatives, and remains a key partner in current projects.

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