Our story

A Legacy of Delivering Real-World Solutions

For 50 years, MSR has been committed to engineering quality outdoor equipment for explorers of the world’s most remote places. We created our Global Health division to use MSR’s talented people and technologies, and our manufacturing expertise to make an authentic and lasting difference in the world.

Our team of engineers, scientists and product designers is focused on improving access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly two billion people drink from contaminated water sources. We know that reducing waterborne diseases takes tackling the issue from every angle and we’re committed to finding the solutions.

As an innovator, we work closely with government, nonprofit and academic organizations who are experts in their fields. Together, with funding to explore cutting-edge technologies, our goal is to empower communities with the tools that lead to greater health, independence and quality of life.

At MSR, we’re proud of this effort. Since 2015, our technologies have brought safe water and hygiene to over half a million people worldwide.

“By using our technical ingenuity and our manufacturing expertise, we believe we can develop meaningful solutions that improve global health—and, in doing so, create true and lasting change.”

In-House Manufacturing

We research, design, test, and manufacture our innovations in our own factories, overseeing virtually every aspect of production. From ideation to commercialization, we ensure a level of quality that few companies can match, creating products upon which our users and customers can rely.

Technology Agnostic

We’re proud to say we’re technology agnostic—not beholden to any one technology, method, or design. Instead of forcing a solution, we approach individual needs and challenges with open minds. Our access to a wide spectrum of leading-edge technologies ensures we find the right answer and the right application.

World Class Team

We have some of the top scientists and engineers in the country, and a world-class team of individuals dedicated to doing things the right way and for the right reasons.

World Class Partners

We partner with leading organizations across the globe, who bring extensive field expertise, provide grants, and help our design team foster relationships with end users in dozens of countries. These relationships help us efficiently deliver products and better serve communities in need. Learn more about our partners.

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