Our Valued Partners

It takes the hard work and collaboration of many to make a global impact. MSR Global Health works with NGOs, government entities and private institutions to deliver products that serve communities in need. These leading organizations bring extensive field expertise, provide grants to explore cutting-edge technologies, and have helped our design team foster relationships with end users in dozens of countries. We respect and appreciate these valued partnerships.


Path logo

PATH is a global organization that works to accelerate health equity by bringing together public institutions, businesses, social enterprises, and investors to solve the world’s most pressing health challenges. A key development partner for MSR Global Health, PATH provides our team with critical field expertise and channels for product testing and implementation within the communities we strive to help. PATH is also a founding member of the Safe Water Product Development Alliance, along with MSR Global Health.

logo-world-visionWorld Vision is a faith-based humanitarian organization that tackles the causes of poverty and injustice by working with children and families worldwide to reach their full potential. An important mentor to MSR Global Health, World Vision helps our team facilitate in-country field trials and pilot programs through WASH initiatives, and remains a key partner in current projects.

logo-operational-blessingOne of the largest nonprofits in America, Operation Blessing International provides a broad range of humanitarian and disaster relief efforts—from hunger to health issues—in over 37 countries. The organization was an early adopter of MSR’s SE200 Chlorine Maker for disaster relief efforts, and it continues to participate in design review meetings for products currently in development.


The Lemelson Foundation uses the power of invention to improve lives and assists the next generation of inventors to make impactful strides. The private foundation has funded early developments of MSR innovations, such as the SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker, and initial field trials of product prototypes in Africa and Asia.

logo-laird-nortonSince 1940, the Laird Norton Family Foundation has been involved in philanthropic efforts that reflect and honor the family’s core values. Through its support of global clean water and sanitation projects, the private foundation has contributed to the development of MSR technologies, such as the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker and a turbidity filter designed for DayOne Response™, a product development company.


Founded by Washington State’s global health leaders, WGHA connects, expands and strengthens the global health community to advance health equity. Through its public-private partnerships, the alliance has been integral in assisting MSR Global Health obtain grants to commercialize our products as well as conduct critical field trials in communities in Africa.

logo-stanfordOne of the leading research universities in the world, Stanford is among the founding members of the Safe Water Product Development Alliance, along with MSR, PATH and Johns Hopkins University. Stanford provides MSR with financial support so that our team can devote time and technical expertise to the development of an automated chlorine device for shared water resources in low-resource markets.

logo-john-hopkinsAs America’s first research university, for more than 140 years, Johns Hopkins University has believed in the power of collective research and the sharing of ideas. The university is a founding member of the Safe Water Product Development Alliance, along with Stanford, PATH and MSR Global Health. JHU has conducted critical lab tests for MSR on current development projects.

logo-day-oneDayOne Response is a private company committed to developing innovative solutions for disaster relief, specifically for clean drinking water. The company’s products have brought safe drinking water to thousands of victims of natural disasters. MSR Global Health provided engineering and manufacturing support on the development and commercialization of the DayOne Response™ Waterbag.

logo-darpaThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was founded in 1958 to create breakthrough technologies for U.S. national security. DARPA turned to MSR for the development of the Next Generation Hydration System, a modular, on-the-move water purification system. This program led to the development of the MSR MIOX purifier. Today, that electrochlorination technology is scaled up in MSR’s SE200 Community Chlorine Maker.