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While safe drinking water is a universal human need, no single treatment method meets the demands of every environment and cultural setting. Differing water qualities, available resources, and community structures require unique solutions. Collaborating with our partners, we’ve created products currently in use across the globe that address the specific challenges of each community we support.

SE200 Community Chlorine Maker

Transforming community water treatment in low-resource countries.
Chlorine has long been used to treat drinking water, but in the developing world, it’s hard, and at times impossible to come by. To address this, MSR, in partnership with PATH, created the SE200 Community Chlorine Maker. The small device generates chlorine using just water, salt, and electricity from a car battery. One device can support the safe-water needs of 200 people. Now proven in over 20 countries worldwide, the chlorine maker empowers communities to create their own supplies of safe drinking water.

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Aquatabs® Purification Tablets

The world’s no. 1 water purification tablets. These tiny effervescent tablets provide fast, effective water purification, killing the microorganisms responsible for cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other waterborne diseases. Used by outdoor adventurers, humanitarian organizations and defense forces on a large scale, the tablets provide safe drinking water to millions of people globally each year. MSR is a proud distribution partner of this trusted safe-water solution.
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The Guardian™ Purifier

Built for the military. Adapted for everyone.
The Guardian purifier was developed for the U.S. military to allow service members to safely drink from contaminated sources while on the move. After six years of extensive R&D, which included the design of a revolutionary hollow fiber membrane, the result became this rugged pump that quickly transforms even the most challenging backcountry sources into safe drinking water. Today, the learnings from the Guardian are helping our team identify new applications for this advanced technology.

Bag-Mediated Filtration System (BMFS)

Evaluating water samples in the quest to eradicate polio.
Though eradicated from large parts of the world, Poliovirus remains endemic in countries where mountainous terrain makes its presence challenging to monitor. The BMFS bag allows surveyors to collect larger amounts of wastewater and expel it through an innovative filter that binds the virus. The captured samples are then shipped to laboratories for processing. Developed by PATH and University of Washington, the advanced filter better detects the virus and preserves the samples during shipping.

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