STEM Program

Innovation that Inspires the Next Generation

At MSR, we know first-hand the critical role that engineers and scientists play in creating products that can change lives. We also believe great innovation can serve a purpose beyond its initial intent. That’s why we’re proud to partner with the Department of Homeland Security on high school science curriculum that educates and inspires the next generation of math and science professionals.

The STEM Curriculum

In partnership with California State University, Channel Islands, we developed two curriculum sets that use our SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker and are geared toward general science and AP Chemistry courses. Students use MSR’s chlorine maker as a model to design their own chlorine-making device that uses just water, salt and electricity.

Over the semester, students learn:

  • The chemistry behind the electrochlorination of water
  • How to make their own electrochlorinator
  • How to draw Lewis structures, balance chemical equations, calculate dilutions, measure pH, etc.
  • Why clean, pathogen-free water is critical to global health
  • How to approach complex problems like an engineer and scientist
  • How to present their findings in a scientific manner

The Curriculum in Practice

We introduced a pilot program to classrooms in Mississippi, California and Washington, where it was well-received.

“The students liked the fact that it actually showed a real-life application of chemistry. Students got to review Lewis structures, molarity, dilutions, redox, etc. They especially liked Lesson 6 where they got to use the engineering method to figure out which were the best electrodes. There was also some self-discovery when students realized that by simply switching the cathode and anode they could get completely different results; this in turn, made them look back at the ‘Electrode Characteristics’ article.

As part of their final, I asked students to share something valuable or memorable from my class. Many of them shared that they really liked this project.”

Elio Avalos
Chemistry teacher
Hueneme High School
Oxnard, California

“The SE200 Innovation Curriculum engages students in a hands-on, discovery laboratory experience for a college-preparatory high school Chemistry course. The curriculum integrates the 21st Century Learning Skills with the Next Generation Science Standards. Students learn about a safe water challenge, define the nature of the problem to be addressed, and investigate a possible solution. The final experiment pulls in the use of an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the sales price and profit that could be gained from their proposed solution.”

Phil Hampton
Professor of Chemistry
Director, HSI-STEM grant
CSU Channel Islands

Why is the DHS Partnering with Us?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has made it a priority to increase the number of math and science professionals in our country. The department also recognizes the importance of educating citizens about safe water solutions in the wake of disasters. By teaching our youth how to make and use chlorine for water treatment, we’re cultivating future scientists while at the same time becoming a more prepared citizen base.

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