Thanks for Helping to Rebuild this School in Kenya!

Thanks to generous donations from the MSR community, the New Beginnings School in Nairobi, Kenya, has been safely restored just in time for the students’ return this fall.

Earlier this year, heavy flooding severely damaged the small school, which serves as a safe haven and education center for its 90 pupils. The school also provides basic needs—such as safe drinking water and meals—to its children, most of whom live in the depths of poverty in the surrounding slums.

Through the MSR Impact Project fundraiser started on its behalf, you helped us raise the $2,500 needed to rebuild the school and fortify its walls, posts and grounds.

With its structure safe once again, the school can refocus on acquiring vital resources such as safe drinking water—a critical need that allows the students to stay in school and thrive.

What your donations accomplished

A mere $2,500 accomplished a great deal of renovation, including:

  • A reinforced foundation with 30 new key posts and concrete
  • Safer grounds through leveling, removing rough stones that caused injuries
  • 80 new iron sheets, replacing rusted ones, resulting in 80% new walls, which minimize cold and wind in the classrooms
  • A newly painted exterior in the color blue to symbolize that the funds were mobilized through a water and sanitation company (MSR Global Health)

A letter of thanks

Expressing his deep appreciation, New Beginnings’ director Justus Munyoki sent us this letter of gratitude:

On behalf of New Beginnings School, I humbly wish to express my sincere gratitude for the feeling hearts and giving hands, the sacrifices made by each one of you who donated towards the structure renovation project in my school. I can’t take this for granted for I know each one of you has very important goals to achieve in life, but above all you chose to put us as a top priority. It is humbling and I wish you the best in your lives together with your families. Thank you for your incredible generosity.

Justus began New Beginnings to serve as a community resource for orphaned and destitute children living in the nearby Kamola slums, where drugs and prostitution are part of everyday life. Today, the school is a thriving atmosphere that has transformed lives. The education the students receive is instrumental to advancing out of poverty.

In addition, the school is often the only place the students receive basic needs such as the clean water that keeps them healthy and in the classroom all year.

Working with partners on the ground, MSR Global Health seeks to increase access to safe drinking water and hygiene—key ingredients to higher qualities of life. Oftentimes infrastructure plays a critical role in long-term access to safe water, such as in the case of the New Beginnings School rebuild. With your support, we can continue to make strides that empower communities—and schools—to create healthier futures for themselves and their children. From all of us at MSR Global Health, thank you.

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